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REACH is a non-profit organization engaged in the task of generating awareness of our arts, traditions and cultural practices at the grass-root level in the countryside. It strives to preserve the native wisdom and knowledge by striking a harmonious bond with the modern times. By making people aware of their rich cultural traditions and practices and preserving their heritage it strives to restore the cultural pride to them who have been feeling powerless against the onslaught of alien values around them.

For more than a decade and a half, Rural Entrepreneurship for Art & Cultural Heritage has been engaged in the work of documentation and revitalization of the Cultural-Ecological practices of the Himalayan communities, with the firm belief that it is only by strengthening the cultural-codes at the grassroots and accentuating the practices that have sustained communities over the centuries can the environment be preserved.

REACH is a voluntary movement that seeks to empower communities through innovative approaches in the field of art and culture. We promote correspondence between culture to make policy and planning community centric. Our effort is to restore local pride in cultures and strengthening them at the grassroots.

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  • It was in 1995 that REACH was established in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, with the mission of stemming the tide of modernity sweeping urban landscapes. We started our journey with the Virasat Festival in Dehradun, but went on to undertake several projects for the enhancement of cultural values related to arts, culture and heritage of India.

  • Virasat is celebrated in the month of October and November

  • Organized by REACH (Rural Entrepreneurship for Art & Cultural Heritage), this week-long festival includes performances and workshops in Indian folk and classical arts, literature, crafts, theatre, cinema and yoga. Classical music and dance maestros and master craftsmen are invited to perform at the festival with the objective of fostering interaction between students, artists and craftsmen during the first half of the academic year.

  • Organized by REACH (Rural Entrepreneurship for Art & Cultural Heritage)

  • You can watch virasat festival on any one of these following platforms WIKIPEDIA,FACEBOOK,INSTAGRAM,YOUTUBE

  • The festival's goal is to educate visitors and young people about India's traditions, knowledge systems, ecological approaches, and native wisdom. The festival features a variety of attractions, including:

    Crafts village, Cuisine stalls, Art fair, Folk music, Bollywood-style performances, and Heritage walks.

  • The festival provides a platform for people to learn about India's rich cultural heritage and experience it firsthand. It also showcases the work of artisans and craftsmen, and features performances from established celebrities and emerging artists. The 2023 festival, which ran from October 27 to November 10, included performances from folk dancers from Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Goa, Nagaland, and Uttar Pradesh.

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